Bridging Communication Gaps: An Introduction to Life Languages™ for Effective Teletherapy 

  Course Date: 2/15/2024 

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  • Trainer           Veronica Powell, PhD, LPC
  • CEs                                                              3  
  • Level                                      Intermediate 
  • Program Length                            3-hours
  • Time Commitment                     3-4 hours
Live online training for teletherapy and telehealth providers

Transform Your Face-to-Face Communication
in the Virtual World With Life Languages™

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With Life Languages™ in Telehealth, we aren't just practicing therapy;
we're pioneering deep and transformative connections.
  • The rapidly expanding teletherapy landscape brings forth unique challenges, particularly around fostering effective communication in a virtual space. 

  • This training offers advanced communication skills development, introducing Kendall's Life Languages™—a pioneering framework for comprehending and refining communication styles in the realm of teletherapy.
  • It aims to empower teletherapy professionals with the knowledge and practical tools needed to bridge communication barriers and improve patient communication outcomes.

  • The presenter will employ a combination of PowerPoint, didactic lectures, hands-on experiential exercises, and Q&A to support the attainment of learning objectives and facilitate a dynamic learning experience.
 Facilitator: Dr. Veronica Powell
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About Your  Bridging Communication Gaps: An Introduction to Life Languages for Effective Teletherapy Course

Bridging Communication Gaps:
An Introduction to Life Languages™
for Effective Teletherapy
Program Agenda
Total CE Credit Hours Available: 3

February 15, 2024
01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

(15 mins)

Introduction (Lecture)
  • Welcome and overview of the Program / Learning Objectives
  • The importance of effective communication in teletherapy
  • Challenges encountered in the Virtual Therapy Space
01:15-01:45        (30 mins)
Understanding Life Languages (Lecture)
  • Introduction to Kendall's Life Languages™
  • Overview and characteristics of each Life Language
  • Understanding the influence of Life Languages™ on communication styles
01:45-02:10 (25 mins)

Life Languages™ in Teletherapy (Lecture and case study review) 
  • Addressing communication challenges in teletherapy through Life Languages™
  • Understanding Patient’s Dominant Life Languages™
  • Case studies: Real-life applications and success stories
02:10-02:40 (30 mins)
Interactive Activity and Discussion (Experiential learning and group discussion) 
  • Participants share insights from their Mini Profile results (if comfortable doing so)
  • Group discussion on the application of Life Languages in teletherapy settings
  • Tailoring Communication Strategies for Different Life Languages
  • Video Analysis: Practicing Communication Skills Based on Different Life Languages
  • Sharing Insights and Learnings
02:40 - 02:50 
Break (Not Included in CE credit hours)

Agenda Cont.

02:50-03:10 (20 mins)
Ethical Considerations (Lecture and Group Discussion)
  • Discuss potential ethical challenges and considerations when tailoring communication styles to align with individual patient Life Languages in teletherapy.
03:10-03:40 (30 mins)
Action Plan Creation (Experiential Learning)
  • Guide participants in creating actionable plans for integrating Life Language principles into their teletherapy practices, emphasizing improved patient communication outcomes.
03:40-04:00 (20 mins)
Question and Answer /Next Steps (Lecture / Group Discussions)
  • Recap of the training, emphasizing key takeaways, and introduction to post-training activities.

Post-Training Activities (Feedback Submission; Self-paced Quiz; Not Included in CE credit hours)
  • Participants undertake a quiz to earn Continuing Education credits, fill in a feedback survey, and obtain their Certificate of Completion.
  • This segment will also address the importance of gathering feedback to enhance future training iterations and clarify the credits and certification process.


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Analyze the unique communication challenges encountered in teletherapy settings, emphasizing the loss of visual cues and its impact on interpersonal communication
  2. Apply the principles of Kendall's Life Languages™ to create individualized communication strategies in teletherapy sessions.
  3. Evaluate their primary Life Language as derived from the pre-training Life Languages™ Mini Profile and reflect on how it influences their therapeutic communication style.

4. Discuss potential ethical considerations in
     tailoring communication styles to suit 
     individual patient Life Languages™.
5.  Create action plans for implementing Life
     Languages™ principles in their teletherapy
     practices, aimed at enhancing patient
     communication outcomes.

  • Professional Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Physicians
  • Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Addictions Counselors
  • Case Managers
  • Nurses
  • Other Mental Health Professionals

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Meet Veronica Powell, PhD, LPC, PC

Therapist, Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Author, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Veronica Powell, a seasoned Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor, brings a wealth of knowledge from her 25+ years in clinical and training services. She is a Certified Life Languages™ Communication Coach and has made notable contributions to the field, including presenting at the CE You Mini Summer Conference in 2022. Her passion lies in harnessing the power of Life Languages™ to foster effective communication in both personal and professional spheres.

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