Communication for a Harmonious World

Veronica Powell, PhD

Estimated Read Time 3 Minutes

As we say “Bye-Bye” to October and enter the month of November, we come together to celebrate World Communication Week from November 1-7.

This week serves as a reminder to use effective, positive, and healthy communication as a tool to promote love, peace, and harmony in our society.

Unfortunately, the ongoing hate and divisive rhetoric in today's world has taken away our ability to communicate effectively with one another. But, during World Communication Week, we can remember the message of Pope Francis' theme for the 57th World Communications Day: "Listen with the ear of the heart." 

By truly listening to others with compassion and understanding, we can improve human relationships and create a more peaceful and loving world.

How to Listen with the Ear of the Heart?

Now, how can we become effective communicators and truly listen with the ear of the heart? Of course, I know this is easier said than done! However, we can start by:

  1. Practicing active listening skills. Active listening means not only hearing what someone is saying, AND also fully understanding their message by asking questions and restating what they have said. It also involves being present in the conversation and setting aside any distractions or personal biases; 
  2. Engaging in open and honest communication about difficult topics without resorting to judgment or criticism. We can strive to see things from multiple perspectives and engage in respectful dialogue rather than shutting down opposing views; and
  3. Utilizing various forms of communication technology that can help us connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and promote understanding among different communities.

Furthermore, we can go beyond just listening. It is also important that we consider the impact of our words before speaking. Speaking with empathy and kindness can go a long way in improving human relationships. We can also strive to be respectful in online interactions by avoiding hateful or inflammatory language.

Let us use World Communication Week as a chance to reflect on how we can become more effective communicators and improve humanity through positive communication. We can listen with empathy and strive for understanding, promoting love, peace, and harmony in all our interactions.

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