Ten Soft Skills You Need 

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Course Overview

In Our 10 Soft Skills You Need course, Changebassadors will develop their people, social, emotional and communication skills and apply those soft skills techniques to improve their personal and professional interactions in the workplace and beyond.
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What you Will learn

About Ten Soft Skills You Need 

Soft skills have quickly become the new metric for measuring employee success within organizations. Research shows that soft skills (i.e., communication, organization / time management, critical thinking, teamwork, social skills etc.) account for as much as 85% of an employee’s success whereas hard skills such as computer technology, teaching, accounting or writing account for 15%.
In this Ten Soft Skills course, Changebassadors will discover how to: 
  • Discuss how soft skills are important to success in the workplace
  • Understand the 10 key soft skills everyone should have
  • Apply soft skills to relate more effectively to others in the workplace
  • Demonstrate how to use soft skills to communicate, problem-solve, and resolve conflict
  • Apply soft skills to specific personal & professional situations